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Friday, November 30, 2007

Farrington Highway

Long right walls let you stall, trim and walk.

Drop in fade.

Fun stuff.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Need to go on another surf trip!

This beaut is a 9'4" volan glassed Dewey Weber.

Izakaya Nonbei

Izakaya Nonbei is a semi-discreet restaurant just across the street from the new Kapahulu Safeway. The parking lot is one of those weird ebb and flow situations: it could be really full, or really empty. The restaurant has a country inn feel- it's very comfortable and the service is friendly.

Izakaya Nonbei. 3108 Olu St. (off Kapahulu Avenue, between Mokihana and Charles streets / 734-5573)

Old school might be an accurate description for our experience. Patrons have their own sake bottles stored, the menu is very ala carte, and the seating is 1) either on the floor, or 2) on a sit around bar so you get to people watch while you dine. There is no sushi here, only sashimi.

We bumped into our friends, Bonnie and Jens Hing, who were also trying out I.N. for the first time.
While small in portion, the batter and consistency of the squid made this dish worth it- $5.95. We had already had 1/2 the plate when the photo was taken.

Hamachi Kama (cheek) $18 MP, with unfiltered sake ($13)was pretty good.

One of my favorites is the Katsutama ($8.95). It's cooked tonkatsu pork loin with egg onion sauce. You can add a bowl of rice if you'd like.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Govinda's is a popular vegetarian "plate lunch" walk-in off the Fort Street Mall. It features lunch only/workday only veggie specials. The food is Indian-inspired and surprisingly tasty. We usual freak out at vegetarian places only because militant vegetarians freak us out.

But this place passes no judgement on the meat eating folks who want to get a fiber fill every once in a while. Specials today included Falafel and a cauliflower/chickpea flurry.

One pertinent question we want answered regarding Govinda's is: Where is the kitchen?????

The inside is mellow, and always busy.

The mantra.
Our food. $4.60 each plate. We recommend the ginger lime drink with the grub. Also, try putting the sunflower oil dressing on the salad and the cilantro salsa on the rice. Happy eating!

Harry's Cafe

Harry's Cafe (1101 Waimanu St, Honolulu, HI 96814),
adjacent to Harry's Liquor Store, has been a Kakaako Breakfast-Lunch fixture for quite some time. Christy, a chatty Korean woman runs almost all dining room aspects of this local diner. She works a million miles an hour at a million different tasks, hence the inconspicuous sign over the cash counter that says, "If Christy busy, help yourself to coffee."
The bargain early bird breakfasts start at $0.99 and run 5-8am. That's why Harry's Cafe is perfect for the McKinley student, Ward construction workers, and morning commuters on their way into or out of town.

Aside from the early bird menu, the main breakfast selections are where it's at. One can only guess what the "3-3-3" means. Or what about the "Breakfast Deluxe," which is a 3-3-3-3-3! We highly recommend the Kim Chee fried rice omelette, the "Omelette Blaster" or one of the pancake variants.

Above is an omelette blaster. A savvy customer knows to order fried rice scoops instead of the pictured white rice.

If you surf the Beach Park, don't waste your time outside at a Starbucks table afterward with the pidgeons and meandering Japanese tourists. At least give Harry's a try.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey Day Getaway.

Thanks to everyone who made the beach weekend so much fun!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pho One Kapiolani

Another neighborhood eatery off of Kapiolani, Pho One, has taken over the former location of Cuisine Tony, which never really took off.

All of this was due to Pho One leaving their former strip mall location after its condemnation was announced due to the construction of the future Ala Moana Nordstrom.

The former location was smaller and somewhat seedier. It was always quite full and a short wait before being seated was common. The new location is far more upscale, and prices have been driven up a buck or two, perhaps scaring off some of the former clientele. Medium and Large bowls are available in the $7 and $7.50 price ranges, respectively.

This one just has rare steak.

The chicken porridge was quite savory. It's definitely not diet food.
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Thursday, November 22, 2007


One goal: one wave. Just one wave!

Ahoy, JP!

Small day play. Happy Turkey Day! Be safe.

"Point + Shoot" $10.99stuff.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Choi's Garden ********BYOB*******

In the theme of Korean BBQ, we proudly announce our endorsement of Choi's Garden on 1303 Rycroft St (Phone: 808-596-7555).
We're not going to waste any words, since we spend 5 minutes or less on our reviews. So read the Honolulu Advertiser's write-up here.

Let's just say, it's good, tasty, and a fun time. Also, read the caption under the picture of the sports cooler.
1303 Rycroft St. behind Wal-mart.

Jeff, showing he is part of the appendix-less club. Also check out the walking cane.

This is the giant vacuum that sucks all the grill smoke outta the restaurant. You end up all smelly anyway.
Korean short ribs and a rice beer might be one of our favorite combinations.

Damon digs this joint because it's BYOB.

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Know your avocado!

I learned this from you know who... Man, this is good.

p.s.- only use Aloha shoyu!

Oahu Market

Recently, we've been venturing into Honolulu's Chinatown quite a bit. Part of it is getting lucky with parking. The other reason is that there are so many legitimate places to get meals- or if you are bold, create your own meals.

In summary, we recommend everyone pony up and go to Oahu market on King Street, and get some fresh seafood. Don't be shy.

$6 bought us a fresh snapper. $2 got us fresh eggplant. Another $2 got us fresh herbs and spices to make some serious flavor for the food.

Different grades of ahi sashimi. There's also hamachi and salmon, too.

Here's our dinner creation: Thai Snapper with fresh Mexican oregano, lemons, fresh ground pepper and Kauai Salt. The fish is served with a Kalamata olive-feta cheese tapenade. The eggplants go with a lime-mint yogurt sauce. All of this is going straight outside onto the grill. A collective $12 meal.
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